Friday, April 17, 2009


We all know the saying goes "April showers bring May flowers", well aside from the showers and flowers April and May will bring many giveaways your way.

One of the many giveaways is listed below:

Do you watch the USA Network's In Plain Sight?
If you do, then you know the new season is about to start (Sunday April 19 at 10/9c.)
So, In celebration of the new season, I am having a giveaway!
Let's just say this giveaway can really get you out of town!

For details and to enter, check out my other blog here!

Good Luck!


Bookworm said...

Just wanted to say your blog rocks! I think you asked for a link exchange a while ago, and I've just been so slow....but now it's posted and I'm following! Yay! <3

ps. And no...I've never seen this show!

Tempestt said...

Thank you for saying my blog rocks!!
I am a follower of your blog as well!

ps. You really should watch In Plain Sight sometimes, it's very good!!! Must-see T.V!!! :)

Be on the lookout for more giveaways!!!!!!!! :)

Check out my other blog!

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