Monday, February 16, 2009

Review: Play Me by Laura Ruby

It's always easy to be the heartbreaker, never easy to have your heartbroken!
Eddy Rochester is a movie fanatic and a wannabe famous filmmaker. When his hit online TV show "Riot Grrl 16" is in an MTV contest to be on a reality show called The Producers. Eddy and his team has a lot of work to do. "Riot Grrl 16" is about him and all the girls that love him. All the girls except Lucinda Dulko, who isn't as easily charmed by Eddy. With Lucinda being so unattainable and independent, Eddy couldn't be more attracted. Play Me takes you through the stress of Riot Grrl 16, his relationship with his actress mother, and his countless female friends.

Play Me is very realistic. You quickly become engrossed in the story because of it's believability. You get a great understanding of Eddy and his friends. I love Eddy's sarcasm and how he and his friends talk about movies. You really feel like your in the conversation. Laura Ruby writes from a male perspective just as well as she writes from a female perspective. Eddy is the perfect male protagonist. Play Me has a great plot and great characters. It is a book that you will instantly become connected with and will be entertained to the very end!

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