Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Review: How to Drive Your Sister Crazy by Diane Z. Shore

The Best Brother EVER!

Bradley Harris Pinkerton has an older sister named Abby. Bradley loves driving Abby crazy. He feels it’s a brothers job to drive his sister crazy. That is why Bradley was nice enough to create this step-by-step guide on how its done. He even gives brothers a fair warning not to let their sister read this book.

How to Drive Your Sister Crazy is a really fun and easy read. The story flows and is perfect for a child who is well on their way to reading but still needs a little help. The pictures really enhance the story. Seeing Bradley sneaking around every corner and seeing Abby’s reactions to what Bradley does just makes you laugh.

The characters are very relatable. Whether you’re a Bradley, one who would get enjoyment out of driving their sibling crazy or an Abby, one who has a sibling who is driving them crazy. There is something for everyone with a sibling in this story. All the Abby’s who manage to get a hold of this book will know what to look out for. All the Bradley’s will find his antics hysterical and might even gain a few tips. I know my sister will.

Be sure to add this adorable book to your book collection.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Happy Birthday to ME!

Yes, today is my birthday!

I just thought I'd make a nice little post about it.

I'm ready to P-A-R-T-Y!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Review: Anatomy of a Boyfriend by Daria Snadowsky

This book proves relationships are like a game, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose!

Dominique is a High School senior who dreams of becoming a doctor. She loves her school’s science quiz team and playing the board game Operation with her parents. She’s stressed about her studies and college applications but she soon finds someone to take her mind off of it all. This someone is a senior track star from another school named Wes. Wes is cute, sweet, polite, and seems to be into her. Dominique and Wes start to hang out and realizes a relationship can come out of this friendship. They quickly go from phone calls and e-mails to a physical relationship. With their relationship at an all time high, Dominique and Wes start college. They will not be attending the same school or even be in the same state. Can their relationship hold up under these circumstances?

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is an interesting read, It has a simple storyline which is great because that allows you to focus completely on the point of the story, to give you an inside look into a teens first relationship and all the firsts that goes along with it. Dominique is a cool character, although whiny at times, you can’t help but feel bad about the fall of her first relationship. Frankly, she should be happy that it's over because he wasn't a great boyfriend. All he really offered to her and the story was his anatomy.

Anatomy of a Boyfriend is a mature read due to the graphic nature of its sexual content. I feel this should be for ages 16 and up and not for readers as young as 14. I wouldn’t advise a 14 year old to read it. I do advise my 16 and older crowd to go and pick up a copy because it might get you to think about your first relationship and most importantly it will get you to think: Whatever happened to my game of Operation?

Friday, October 3, 2008

Review: The Center of the Universe Yep, that would be ME by Anita Liberty

Anita gives you an inside look into her world!

>This story is by Anita Liberty about Anita Liberty. Anita is not one of the happiest teens around and frankly, she thinks being a teenager sucks. She’s dealing with a 12 year old sister who managed to get a committed relationship, her sometimey friends, boys that she just can’t quite understand and parents that just don’t understand her. In addition to all of this, she still has SAT’s and college applications to worry about. So through writing, Anita will try and take back control of her universe.

>I loved this book, it was hilarious. It has such a personal feel to it. Throughout her journal entries she includes poems, charts and her own spin on SAT math problems and word definitions. I do feel this book is for a mature audience due to sexual content, drinking and drug use but since I am a mature audience, I thought this book rocked! Anita gives valuable evidence that being a teenager does suck and show you how to get though it, by having fun critizing it. If Anita Liberty is the Center of the Universe then the Center of the Universe is a fun and cool place to be!

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