Sunday, June 15, 2008

Review: Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman

This Betty’s tell all, has it all!

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty is told through the journal entries of a skater girl named Geena Sloane. Geena had her summer all planned out, work at Triple Shot Betty and bond with her fellow Betty’s, newly arrived cousin Hero and outspoken friend Amber. As soon as Hero arrives, Amber’s claws come out. The situation worsens when John Jamieson, Amber’s ex, falls for Hero. Hero is not interested in John, her eyes are set on Claudio, a guy from Italy who is interning at her father’s winery. With all of these summer events, the Betty’s find out they have a lot more brewing than just coffee.

Triple Shot Betty is truly a triple shot, it hits you with humor, romance and the real smell of coffee, thanks to the cool scratch-n-sniff cover. I love the fact that it is written in journal form, it gives the story a more personal feel. The main characters are very relatable, anyone could be a Betty and the coffee shop guests are great, you always wonder who’s going to show up next and what’s going to happen next. This book has all the right ingredients and makes it fun to wake up and smell the coffee!


Elainareads said...

Great review I really liked this book.


Alea said...

This is told through journal entries? I don't believe anyone has ever mentioned this before! That makes it go every higher up into my wanna read it pile! I guess format is even more important to me than i thought

Lenore said...

Fun review!

I reviewed it on my blog yesterday as well:

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Jessica Burkhart said...

I really want to read that book! :)

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